List of specifications and maintainers of the Ethereum network, sub protocols, and related standards

The wiki home page has links to some of these items. The purpose of this page is to list out the specifications, where they are maintained, and who the maintainers responsible are.

Component Specification Maintainers Notes
Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) - specification for processing smart contract code at the core of Ethereum Yellow Paper ethereum/yellowpaper & JelloPaper[1] nicksavers[2] See local wiki page EVM Awesome List for additional resources
DevP2P - peer-to-peer networking protocols used by Ethereum ethereum/devp2p subtly, Felix Lange
JSON-RPC API - middleware interface used to talk to Ethereum nodes ethereum/wiki bitpshr (proposed) See footnote [3]
Contract ABIs solidity docs UNKNOWN See local wiki page Ethereum-Contract-ABI
Interfaces Repo ethereum/interfaces UNKNOWN
Light Ethereum Subprotocol (LES) - protocol to support light nodes of mobile, embedded, and other low resource clients zsfelfoldi/go-ethereum/wiki zsfelfoldi See the local wiki page Light-client-protocol for more info
Whisper - a communication protocol for DApps to communicate with each other go-ethereum/wiki Whisper v6 RPC API UNKNOWN Local wiki pages Whisper & Whisper Overview are from go-ethereum/wiki
Swarm go-ethereum/2959 UNKNOWN See local wiki page Swarm Hash & original 2015 info on go-ethereum/wiki & maybe ethereum/wiki/Distributed-Preimage-Archive

  1. The Jello Paper is "is an attempt at defining the EVM semantics using the KEVM project". There is an EthMagicians discussions about making the Jello Paper the canonical version. ↩︎

  2. See issue #725 in the ethereum/yellowpaper repo ↩︎

  3. The JSON-RPC spec is stale / unmaintained. EIP-1474 has been merged as draft, and some work to have a separate spec repo here ethereum-json-rpc-spec. bitpshr has volunteered to be a maintainer. ↩︎