Ethereum Roadmap, including links to ETH 1.x and ETH2 / Serenity. Test

Prior information is available on the releases page.

The formal process of hardforks is documented in EIP 233, along with some recent discussion on EthMagicians.


Constantinople is planned for Q1 of 2019. Planned date was originally January 16th, 2019, 12:00pm UTC. Now will activate February 25th, 2019, at the same time as Petersburgh, which de-activates EIP-1283.

  • EIP 145 Bitwise shifting instructions in the EVM
  • EIP 1052 EXTCODEHASH opcode
  • EIP 1283 Net gas metering for SSTORE without dirty maps
  • EIP 1014 Skinny CREATE2
  • EIP 1234 Constantinople Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward Adjustment

Useful Reading


Istanbul is planned for Q4 of 2019. Planned date is October 16th, 2019, 12:00pm UTC.

More details on the road to Istanbul.

Next Timelines

For discussion post-Istanbul will be 6- or 9-month cycles.

6 Month Timelines

  • April 2020
  • October 2020

9 Month Timelines

  • July 2020
  • April 2021

ETH 1.x

There are a variety of proposals for what is now known as ETH 1.x -- a series of upgrades to add features in support of the full ETH2 specs. These are all at the proposal / discussion stage, without any of them having been turned into EIPs.

The EthMagicians ETH 1.x Ring has more discussions.


Storage Rent / Pruning

Problem: on chain storage can't be stored forever. Introduce rent, archiving, pruning, or a variety of other methods to minimize live state storage.





Problem: Simulate various parameters of proposed features

Serenity / ETH2

See the ETH2 Specs Github Repo.

The ETH2 Project Management repo holds ongoing notes and meetings.