<!-- TITLE: Governance Compendium --> <!-- START doctoc generated TOC please keep comment here to allow auto update --> <!-- DON'T EDIT THIS SECTION, INSTEAD RE-RUN doctoc TO UPDATE --> **Contents** - [Against on chain governance:](#against-on-chain-governance) <!-- END doctoc generated TOC please keep comment here to allow auto update --> [![governance](https://badges.gitter.im/governance.svg)](https://gitter.im/ethereum/governance) [![Documentation chat](https://badges.gitter.im/Join%20Chat.svg)](https://gitter.im/ethereum/documentation) ![governance flowchart](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DcKW-GlXUAAMsR0.jpg) ## Sources: * [EIPs](https://github.com/ethereum/eips): Ethereum Improvement Proposals * [Ethereum Magicians](https://ethereum-magicians.org/): for technical governance * [Gitter room for Ethereum governance](https://gitter.im/ethereum/governance) * [ethereum/pm](https://github.com/ethereum/pm): project management for the All Core Devs Meeting. "The all core devs meeting is a technical meeting intended to bring together various Ethererum teams who play major roles in determining the direction of the protocol. Ethereum client and research teams provide updates to their projects, discuss various EIPs to improve the protocol, and support each other as we buidl Web 3.0." * [EIP-0](https://twitter.com/hashtag/EIP0?src=hash): for the philosophical and ethical part of governance + [an all devs video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ3r52T7HV8) and [AMA video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcBqypKbYMA) + [Youtube summaries and Reddit comments](https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/8ggrgo/join_the_ethereum_governance_ama_at_the_eip0/) * [governance chapter for Mastering Ethereum](https://github.com/lrettig/ethereumbook/blob/governance/contrib/governance.asciidoc) * [Vlad Zamfir's talk about governance](https://ethereum-magicians.org/t/vlad-zamfirs-ethcc-talk-about-governance/78) ## Against on chain governance: * [blog post from Vlad](https://medium.com/@Vlad_Zamfir/against-on-chain-governance-a4ceacd040ca). Snippets: "On-chain governance makes node operator participation in governance completely unnecessary." However, node operator participation is necessary for the current protocol. Thus, changing to on-chain governance is very risky. "Unless there are governance processes that get _Sybil-resistant_ input from node operators, on-chain governance therefore always has the potential to disenfranchise node operators (and users) of the blockchain." [Vlad's reply to a comment to this post](https://medium.com/@Vlad_Zamfir/its-only-just-a-design-problem-da3806ff5114). * [Vitalik's post on plutocracy](https://vitalik.ca/general/2018/03/28/plutocracy.html) ## Projects working on blockchain governance: - [Democracy Earth](http://democracy.earth/): it is "an open source and decentralized democratic governance protocol for any kind of organization. It "uses proof of identity for sybil resistance via blockchain birth certificates, proof of attention, quadratic voting and liquid democracy; governance platform for an organization of any size). - [Aragon](https://aragon.one/): > Aragon is a project that aims to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using blockchain technology. We want to empower people across the world to easily and securely manage their organizations. We provide the tools for anyone to become an entrepreneur and run their own organization, to take control of their own lives > > By making it possible for everyone in the world to organize, we are enabling a borderless, permissionless and more efficient creation of value - [Maker DAO](https://makerdao.com/) a stablecoin that uses a utility and governance volatile MKR token, for holders to use in governing the DAI stable coin - [Pocket Network](http://pokt.network/). A decentralized blockchain which incentivizes running a full node and relaying transactions, supporting connecting to blockchains. See also https://ethresear.ch/t/incentivizing-full-state-nodes-as-an-api-service/2835/1, which has a link to their [white paper](https://ethresear.ch/uploads/default/original/2X/b/b662eec0f686f44f504eb49e69760fca42535682.pdf).